City of Mist RPG: The Starter Box

Created by Amít Moshe / Son of Oak Game Studio

Learn to roleplay in the gritty cinematic universe of City of Mist, where myths and legends become comic book detectives and vigilantes

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happy New Year! The pledge manager is open!
13 days ago – Wed, Jan 08, 2020 at 11:59:14 AM

Hello there, old-wives-tales in shades and fedoras,

It's a new year, and the fun and action on the streets of the City is just starting!


In the next few hours your will receive an email invitation from BackerKit, our pledge manager, to fill out a survey about your pledge. Follow the invite link in your email to (1) provide your details, (2) choose your add-ons, and if you want (3) upgrade your pledge. 

SURVEY QUESTIONS: The questions you can expect in the survey are: How did you hear about us? How do you want to name to show on the backers list? For print pledges - what is your address? Etc. Those of you who chose a pledge with books will be asked to choose the books you want.

ADD-ON STORE: After you answer this quick survey, you can go to the add-on store. You can pick up all the add-ons from the Kickstarter and more there. Any excess funds you pledged for add-ons will be available to you.

PDF ACCESS: Complete the survey early to get the PDF copies. Every Friday, starting this Friday, we will send PDF copies to backers who completed their survey. PDF downloads will be sent via DriveThruRPG - you will receive an email inviting you to download your files.

PLEDGE MANAGER CLOSES: The pledge manager will be locked on January 31st. In order to guarantee timely fulfillment of your pledge, please complete your survey by then (we will send notifications before it closes).


Along with the pledge manager, we have opened the pre-order store with the option to make a late pledge. If you are not a backer yet and you would like to pledge, you can make a late pledge while the pledge manager is open. If you are a backer, invite your friends to join the City of Mist universe!

Store Link:

You can also share our Facebook post and Twitter tweet with your friends.


While the Starter Box is being prepped for print, we are working to complete writing and art for Nights of Payne Town (story arc book) and Shadows & Showdowns (expansion book). Here is a quick preview of the art:

The cover for Percival, the final case of the Nights of Payne Town story arc
The Gatekeepers (or Mist police) are coming in Shadows & Showdowns

Once these are completed, we are considering the Local Legends (Districts and Villains) book as our next release, as well as a shorter art that continues Shark Tank (Starter Box case) and Gambling With Death (MC Toolkit case), exploring their common arch villain. We also have another game coming in 2020! More will be announced later this year.


Oh, one more thing - on Friday we sent you a new year’s gift from us to our backers and customers: a new playbook, Ben “Baby New” Newman, a getaway driver based on the Mythos of Baby New Year! Credits for the concept go to Patrick Coover, who sent us his idea on one of our Facebook/instagram story surveys.

That's it for now, folks -  go ahead and fill out your backer surveys.

And until the next update, try to dodge the Gatekeepers!


The Starter Box is happening - and with style!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 09:50:38 PM


Thanks to you, we'll be able to create the Starter Box in all its designed glory: with the Players and MC booklets, five character folios, cards, maps, tokens, and dice - even a soundtrack! Venturing into the cinematic world of City of Mist and sharing it with others will be easy, exciting, and a seamless learn-as-you-play experience packed with our signature comic-book art. We can't wait to hold this box!

We also unlocked the extra character pack with eight characters as a stretch goal!!

Don't worry about the stretch goals we didn't unlock. Not so long ago, the Starter Box itself was an unlocked stretch goal and look where it is now! In other words, we plan on publishing the Districts and Villains book at a later date and give it its own deserved attention, so there's something to look forward to.


PLEDGE MANAGER OPENS: On the first week of January, we are going to invite you by email to the pledge manager, where you will be able to: (1) provide your details, (2) choose your add-ons, and if you want (3) upgrade your pledge.

LATE PLEDGES: If you are not a backer yet and you would like to pledge, you will be able to make a late pledge while the pledge manager is open. Invite your friends to join the City of Mist universe!

PDF ACCESS: Once a week, while the pledge manager is open, we will send PDF copies to those who completed their pledge manager survey. If you want your PDFs sooner rather than later, you can complete your survey on the first week of January and receive your PDF copies then.

PLEDGE MANAGER CLOSES: The pledge manager will be locked on January 31st. In order to guarantee timely fulfillment of your pledge, please complete your survey by then (we will send notifications before it closes).

And for us? We've already started the process of preparing the Starter Box for print, so now our work continues. We'll provide regular updates on how that's all going. 

As part of the final tweaks, we added a tracking sheet for the MC that lists all of the PC's Mysteries, Identities, and Weakness Tags


Meanwhile, we invite those among you who are new to this game to join the City of Mist communities on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord, and also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll find online games, setting discussions, help with getting started, and more.


This is the time to say a big thank you to our team members Marcin Sobon (lead artist), Manuel Serra Saez (lead designer), Omer Shapira (operations guy / associate game producer), Juancho Capic (folios and KS designer), Eran Aviram (Editor), Mariusz Szulc (artist and cartographer) and many other top-notch professionals we had the pleasure of working with, including artist Ario Murti and the Gunship Revolution studio. Together, we have put an enormous amount of work into the Starter Box and other CoM products to bring you a high production value game comparable with those of giant publishers. I'm so proud of this team!


That is it for the time being. Until our next update, to all of you - happy holidays, merry Christmas / Hanukka, and a happy new year!

Remember your Mythos and don't get lost in the Mist!


New Stretch Goals and Add-Ons for the final day!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 10:41:12 PM



Yesterday we unlocked all the Starter Box component stretch goals: maps, tokens, dice! We'll now have a rattling Starter Box packed with accessories. Anything we unlock from here on will be just a big dollop of cream on our steaming mug of detective diner coffee and pancakes!


We've extended the stretch goals to factor all of your requests, focusing mostly on two new items that you'll be able to pick up as add-ons, if they are unlocked: Extra Characters Folios Pack and the Districts and Villains Book.

  • NEXT! - $50,000 Extra Character Pack (5)
  • LOCKED - $53,000 Shark Tank Soundtrack
  • LOCKED - $56,000 +3 Characters in Extra Pack (8)
  • LOCKED - $60,000 "Local Legends" Districts and Villains book
  • LOCKED - $63,000 +2 Characters in Extra Pack (10)
  • LOCKED - $66,000 We love you, Marcin! (Extra Art Budget)
  • LOCKED - $70,000 +1 Small-Time Villain in "Local Legends"

 If we're lucky, we may extend this list further - check the campaign page for the latest list.


Unlocks at $50,000

This stand-alone pack will include five (5) additional character folios of all time favorites City of Mist pregen characters such as Declan L'Estrange as well as new characters, such as Mairead Conroy (The Boogeyman). The exact list of characters will be decided upon by backer vote. We will appeal to the original backers to unlock the original KS exclusive such as Scarlet and include them in this pack.

The folios will be the same size and make as the Starter Box character folios, and will be compatible with the Starter Box.

As we continue to unlock stretch goals, the number of folios in this pack will increase to 8, 10, and even 12 (at the same price).


Unlocks at $60,000

This book is a full-color book containing a collection of City of Mist districts and small-time villains:

  •  The Tourist Trap by D&D Dragon Heist co-designer James Introcaso
  •  Independence by creator of Harlem Unbound Chris Spivey
  •  La Colonia De Sombras by Mark Truman of Magpie Games
  •  The Undertrash by multi-ENnie award winning Chris Gunning
  •  Fortune Row by Eran Aviram, co-creator of Crystal Heart webcomic and RPG
  •  The Sunken City (author TBD)
  •  Stone-Cold Beauty and Puppet Show, two small-time villains by Jack Godwin

As we continue to unlock stretch goals, we will add content to this book: new Small-Time Villains and a maybe even a new District!


To add an add-on, simply edit your pledge and increase it by the add-on's price. You will be able to choose this add-on specifically after the Kickstarter concludes, when we invite you to the pledge manager. When you increase your pledge for an add-on you also help get us to the next stretch goal, sometimes improving the add-on you just bought!

This is it, detectives. The season finale is about to begin - let's find out how deep this iceberg goes!

See you in the comments,


Less than 48 hours left, maps unlocked, more to come!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 06:52:10 PM

Hi there mythical small-time crooks!


This Starter Box kickstarter has entered its final 48 hours and we are unlocking more and more stretch goals!


In addition to the five character folios, the learn-as-you-play player booklet, and the MC booklet walking new MCs through the Shark Tank case, we've already unlocked tracking cards, the crew card, and the locations maps (including the private office, the dark alley, the liquor store, the speakeasy, the dirty dive, the old aquarium, and the manor ballroom)!! You are amazing!!!

Maps will be printed on two folded sheets, but this visualization shows three of the maps we'll include.


Next up are the beautiful color tokens, which will help you visualize where your Starter Box characters, NPCs, and villains are located in the scene, and a set of two custom dice, to make this Starter Box truly perfect! Watch the"Starter Box" section and comments for updates. 

If we achieve these goals, we will proceed to new frontiers by adding add-ons such as an expanded character folios pack or a print Districts book! Are you ready to expand your CoM collection?

Mysterious amethyst (Mythos) and bloodied newspaper (Logos). These dice are doublesixes, d12s that function as d6s.


So - get out there, let your friends and communities know about this opportunity! New joiners will be getting this sweet deal - all of the above for just $28!

We will be sharing this also on social media - please share our posts so we can welcome as many new City residents as possible.

Here we go!


Stretch Goal Restructure + Unlock!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 11:00:02 AM

Hi there all-seeing investigators!


We're in the final week of the campaign and we can feel how much you all want this Starter Box to happen, and happen in the best way possible - and we want the same! Therefore, we decided to restructure the stretch goals so that you get more out of this project. You can see the new structure on the Starter Box Stretch Goal board below. The box additions are now closer than ever!

Following this restructure, the Tracking Cards were unlocked - and the Crew Card is up next! 


The Starter Box case, Shark Tank, is named after two very different "sharks" that prowl the rainy streets of Miller's Square: Delia and Honey Lip. 

For those of you who have not played or read the PDF version of this case before, can you guess their legends or abilities? Who do you think is more dangerous and/or powerful?

The cover of the MC booklet, which contains "Shark Tank"

Stay tuned for more updates soon!